Helene & Alain  

It is always good to go back home and meet up with old friends, certainly when we have the privilege of being invited to shoot their wedding. 

Friends foremost 

We were ecstatic when Helene asked us to be her wedding photographers. It is always a privilege and honor to shoot any wedding, but to get to be a part of a friend’s wedding is just gold. This was a different wedding, as they did not really have a schedule set in stone. But we are all up for winging it too, as long as they have a time slot allocated for couple pictures and formals. When you have been doing this for as long as we have, you know exactly where you need to be and what you need to do. 

Their home is a little out there, about 15 minutes outside of Edmundston. It is in a very remote region and very isolated. It is, however, amazing. Their home sits on this lovely little lake ideal for swimming and fishing. They have a large and picturesque property that is simply perfect for a wedding  


Using an interior window as a natural way to frame the bride getting her hair done on the porch. A frame within a frame can often give a nice reference to where you are and make it feel as if the viewer is peeking through themself. 


A Frugal Wedding 

One thing I just loved about this wedding was how thrifty they had been about everything, which is why I was taking notes for our own! They had saved a lot of money by shopping online, with their homestyle menu and for doing much of the preparations and decorating themselves. A wedding does not need to be expensive; it needs to be personal, and everything here certainly was. Many things stood out, the dress and the boots that went with it, the crocodile belt, and matching shoes, but most of all were the wedding bands, made by another good friend, Shawn Beatty at Oddwood design. These rings were made from skateboard decks and deer antlers! 

Rings by Oddwood designs. These were made from skateboard decks and deer antlers. Oddwood creates personalized rings with all kinds of materials. Check out the website at http://oddwood.design


Finally, if anything stood out the most, it is how these two are just so passionately enamored with each other. Shooting couple pictures with minimal direction, just having these two do their own thing in front of the lens, made it a breeze. It was just pure and absolute love. The lovely fireworks marked the end of a perfect celebration! Raining down a show of stunning colored lights upon an already perfect day. 
Again, Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a long and happy life together! xoxo

Couple shots do not get much easier with two people so in love with each other!

Fireworks Marking the end of a perfect day & the beginning of a perfect union.