Mario Videography

Saveurs D'Acadie

“Saveurs d’Acadie” est bien plus qu’un simple livre de recettes. C’est une célébration gustative de l’Acadie, capturée à travers nos objectifs en photos et vidéos. Du travail détaillé sur les recettes du chef Amélie Poirier aux séances vidéo ensoleillées avec Anne Godin à Cap Pélé, chaque page reflète la passion et la richesse de la cuisine acadienne. Un projet qui a su ravir les papilles et les cœurs, se hissant en tête des ventes sur Une fierté pour notre équipe!
Laura & James Videography
Continuance Videography

The Continuance

Journey with us as we showcase our comprehensive project for the electrifying rock band from NS, “The Continuance”. From crafting a dynamic press kit and designing their immersive website, to capturing the raw energy in their music videos and photography, our team poured in heart and soul to mirror their passion. Experience the pulse, the art, and the essence of this stellar band through our lenses!

Laura & James

Dive into the enchanting story of Laura and James’ wedding – a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We were privileged to have our full team on board, capturing both photography and videography, ensuring every emotion and detail was encapsulated flawlessly. As you view this project, you’ll witness not only the union of two souls, but the artistry and dedication of our passionate team.
Laura & James Videography
Actma Videography

Atlantic Canada Top Model and Actor

Step into the glamorous universe of ACTMA, where Atlantic Canada’s finest talents converge to dazzle and claim the coveted title. Over the years, our team has been honored to be the eyes capturing these rising stars, as they strut, pose, and impress global agents. From behind-the-scenes moments to runway highlights, our photography and videography chronicles their journeys towards stardom. Explore our work and witness the heart and passion of ACTMA’s brightest!