Navigating through our collaboration with ACTMA offers a firsthand glimpse into the energy and intensity of Atlantic Canada’s premier modeling and acting event. Year after year, we’ve been at the heart of the action, capturing hopefuls from all over the Maritimes as they showcase their talents and vie for international recognition. With a relentless pace — shooting by day, editing by night — we’ve deftly juggled photography and videography tasks to ensure dazzling results in real-time. It’s been a sleep-deprived whirlwind, but there’s nothing quite like a good challenge to keep us passionate and pushing our limits. Dive in and witness the magic we co-create every year.


Immerse yourself in our 20-minute promotional reel crafted explicitly for ACTMA, designed to inspire and entice a fresh wave of potential contenders. This comprehensive piece provides a behind-the-scenes look into the enriching seminars, riveting activities, and candid moments with some of the world’s top scouts. Not just that, it encapsulates the electric atmosphere of the shows, offering a taste of the dedication, glamour, and passion that ACTMA stands for. It’s not just a promo; it’s a window into the heart of Atlantic Canada’s premier modeling and acting event. Be inspired, be captivated.