Laura & James  

We have shot many weddings, but Laura and & James had chosen some of the best locations we had seen in a long time! These included a lovely barn-style venue at blueberry hill farms and the stunning Gordon falls! 

Bringing the whole team

We were hired to shoot both photos and videos which meant that the entire team was going to be there. Kimberly-Mai Therrien and Philippe Caetano were shooting stills, Gino Caron was controlling the drone and I was armed with the gimbal. It’s always tricky to coordinate with so many people, but it really helps when you have been working with the same crew for such a long time.  


The whole team (minus Gino controlling the drone) right on the river at Gordon Falls


Location, Location, Location!

It was such a good idea to have a drone for this wedding because aside from the amazing wedding couple, the locations were certainly a highlight here. There was Blueberry hill farm’s beautiful venue which is semi open style barn house with a lovely rustic charm. The girls were getting ready at a rental cabin not too far off in Elgin The cabin itself was charming enough, but the footage we shot from the mountains where it sits was simply spectacular. Finally, we shot the wedding couple, as well as the wedding party near Gordon Falls. This place is so absolutely amazing, here is a video of it, not that it can do it justice but at least it can lend an idea of just how magnificent that area truly is. 

Drone video footage of the wedding, shot at Gordon Falls


While Gordon falls is absolutely charming, we were faced with a real challenge. They had scouted the area at an earlier date when the water level was lower, but it was not working out anymore. However, we did find another nice spot, but that meant hauling all the equipment down this steep bank right into the river.  The wedding party gave us a hand to help us drag the gear down. We were basically on this little island with water pouring on each side of us. We had strobes, boom stands, a few camera bodies, triggers, lenses, and this five-foot parabolic umbrella! Suffice to say that we could not use all that gear, but we used what we could to get the best shots possible, and they turned out great!!   As I always say: “Anything for the shot!” 

The one thing that the entire team really liked was the warm greetings of the wedding couple, and of the people there. They really went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and part of their day. These are absolutely amazing people, and we are tremendously grateful that they had chosen us to capture their memories.  

Here is a recap of their ravishing wedding day with the highlight reel.

Highlight Video from the beautiful wedding day, and a small picture gallery.

Once again, Congrats Laura and James!  Thank you for letting us share in your special day.  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. <3