Mat Shoot at the Beach!

I absolutely love maternity shoot pictures, even though I don’t do them very often. It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to capture some beautiful moments for Nikita. And to make it even better? We had the chance to shoot these maternity photos at the beach on a gorgeous sunny day!

Nikita is currently at the peak of her pregnancy with just about two weeks left until her due date, so her baby bump is quite prominent. Highlighting her belly was effortless and a joy to capture. While we didn’t have a strict plan in place, we had a few ideas in mind and a fantastic location. So, we embarked on an adventure!

The first image we captured was as we walked up to the beach, taking the trail up the sand dune. As we approached, I knew I had to use a long focal length to capture the grandeur of the scenery. We took some shots of Nikita alone and also included her daughter in some of the photos. While climbing the hill, she noticed the breathtaking view of the grassy area in the distance, and we knew we had to return there for more shots.



Kerri flowing dress
The path leading to the beach was used for the first location, just perfect!

Taking a Plunge

Next, we ventured into the water to capture some Maternity shoot photos by the sea. Nikita’s choice of dress was perfect for that location. I took shots that I thought would make for a great profile cover image of her and her daughter, and we continued with more individual shots. We also tried to replicate some ideas she had found online, which turned out beautifully. Finally, we let our creativity shine by playing with shadows.


On The Way Out of the Maternity Shoot

As we wrapped up, we decided to take advantage of the grassy area. With the backlighting, I brought out my flashes and used them to paint Nikita with light, creating a stunning effect with the dramatic clouds in the background. These photos turned out to be some of my favorite shots so far this year.

Overall, it was a truly beautiful day. The kids joined us, and everyone had a fantastic time. These types of shoots are some of my favorites, and I couldn’t wait to edit and share these photos with Nikita and everyone else.

Thank you, Nikita, for trusting us with these precious pictures.


We stopped for one last series in the grass with those beautiful clouds in the background!


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