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Shooting isn’t the only part of; our team also delves into other realms of artistic creation. One of these mediums which goes hand and hand with music photography is writing.

Years ago, I used to write and edit a music zine to promote local music even before I launched my photography career.  Music photography was a huge part of that then too.  There’s nothing quite like capturing the raw energy of live music and the interactions between musicians and the crowd. It’s as if the energy being propelled forward is thrown at the lens and directly captured by the sensor. So, not only am I privileged to shoot live music events, but I also get to pair it with creative writing, another passion of mine.

In a recent gig, Kim and I had the pleasure of covering the band Smoke Spell at Grady’s Pub in Salisbury, NB for the website. While shooting bands is always a thrill, doing it with Kim is nothing short of incredible!  She is great at music photography too!


by Kimberly-Mai Therrien
Smoke Spell at Grady's Pub, July 13th 2023
Image © 2023 Kimberly-Mai Gaudreau

Subjective writing

My writing style changes depending on the type of article I’m putting out. For these live music reviews, I strive to have the audience stand in my shoes to experience the evening as I did. This makes it a subjective journalistic piece with first-person storytelling.

Smoke Spell Guitarist during one of his guitar solos.
Image © 2023 Mario-Pierre Gaudreau 

More music scene moments!

Smoke Spell set Grady’s Pub ablaze, and it was an absolute delight capturing their energy alongside my creative team member, Kimberly-Mai. I’m already eagerly anticipating our next gig. If you’re a fan of music reviews or anything related to the vibrant local music scene, feel free to subscribe to my social media links or join the Newsletter for updates. There are many more concerts, both big and small, on the horizon



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