Niki childbirth featured

A Little Miracle

Magic in the Moonlight

 Under the luminous glow of the Sturgeon Supermoon on the night of August 1st, 2023, I had the distinct honor of documenting an event that transcends the ordinary—Niki’s childbirth.

The world was bathed in a surreal, luminous sheen, as the moon was up to 30% brighter that evening, setting the scene for a night of profound transformations. I had previously captured Niki’s maternity pictures on the sandy shores against the expansive blue of the ocean, portraying her love for her unborn child against natural, sunlit backdrops. While already a magical experience, it paled in comparison to the imminent spectacle of life’s raw vigor that would soon unfold.

As the moon climbed ever higher, its light cast a serene glow, setting the stage for the night’s impending drama. This was the calm before the storm, each moment embedded with pure anticipation of what was to come.

This chronicle was not merely an assignment; it was a poignant chapter in my own life as well. Having witnessed to the birth of my son, I thought I knew what to expect, but viewing childbirth through the lens unfurled many new emotions. Each shutter click captured a tale of enduring strength and vulnerability, recounting a story rich with the textures of human resilience.

Niki, cradled by the tides of labor, was both the epitome of courage and a portrait of fortitude. The intimacy of the experience, magnified by the celestial spectacle overhead, offered a unique vantage point that married the art of photography with the art of life’s beginnings. Each image crafted from that night not only chronicled the pain and the triumph but also celebrated the serene moments of contemplation and the exhilarating first breaths of new life.

Niki’s Maternity Beach Shoot


Niki childbirth 1

Bouncing Mom

As time stretched out, it became apparent that the birth would likely extend past midnight, ushering the arrival of the little miracle on the following day. Niki, literally and figuratively bouncing, took to a birthing ball to help favor delivery. Her smiles were abundant as she moved; the room bubbled with energy from verses, choruses, and dance moves. ‘Dancing releases endorphins, which helps with the pain,’ she explained, her smile broad and sincere.

The nurses arrived, connecting Niki to a fetal monitor to track the baby’s heartbeat, a reassuring and vibrant sound indicating the baby was healthy and strong. As the contractions intensified, Niki’s resilience shone through her pain; she continued to sing, though the strain was evident in her voice, almost transmitting the sensation of her discomfort. Yet, when the contractions ebbed, she resumed bouncing gently on her birthing ball, her feet snug in adorable bunny slippers.


As the contractions draw closer together and intensify, Niki moves toward the birthing tub to immerse herself in warm water, seeking comfort in its soothing embrace. Her mother, Susan, having taken time off from work to be by her side, stands as a pillar of support and encouragement. There’s a poignant beauty in this circle of life—Susan aiding her daughter through the same journey she once navigated to bring Niki into the world. This deep, generational connection underscores the miracle of childbirth.

Amid the escalating pain, the atmosphere remains spirited with singing, bouncing, and smiles. The room is alive with laughter and even the occasional selfie, capturing these fleeting moments of joy amidst the labor. Later, when the pain becomes more demanding, Entonox is introduced, providing Niki with much-needed relief, allowing her to continue engaging joyfully with her support team.

Niki’s blend of joy and courage through the pain was truly inspiring. The bond she shared with her mother strengthened in these moments, highlighting their shared resilience.


Niki Childbirth 2
Niki Childbirth 2

A Labor of love

It was early morning, the clock reading 3:38 AM, and it was time to welcome a new life. The air was thick with both anticipation and tension. Niki was grasping at the bed so firmly that her knuckles went white. But there was beauty in this pain, as her suffering marked a new beginning, a new inseparable bond. Every moan, every cry, and every scream was a literal labor of love.

I had my finger on the camera shutter, snapping pictures in complete awe of this unfolding miracle. The tension escalated as the baby’s head crowned, and then intensified further when my hands froze. The baby was sunny side up, in the occiput posterior (OP) position, which meant they had to turn him. The medical team remained calm throughout the ordeal.

Everything was happening so fast yet fluid in motion. Their knowledge and training enabled them to turn and deliver the baby in what seemed like a seamless effort. However, the camera fell to the end of its strap dangling around my neck as the nurses worked to get the baby to breathe. They moved him to a small table, clearing his airways until, after what felt like an eternity, a cry was heard. I grabbed my camera again and started documenting the first breaths of this new life.

Finally, the baby was reunited with his mother. His skin against hers, creating a bond that would last a lifetime. It was all for this moment; the laughter, the pain, and the fear. All for this very moment, this new beginning.


Baby’s First Shoot!

Niki Baby featured

A month later, we convened again for the baby’s first photo shoot, an occasion marked by joy and playful outfit changes. Niki’s newborn son was adorable in each get-up: from the roarsome lion costume to the nautical charm of the sailor outfit, and finally, the classic elegance of slacks with a flat cap. Each outfit brought out a different facet of his budding personality.

We also captured precious family moments including a portrait with his mom and big sister, and a serene, intimate snapshot of Niki feeding her baby. These images added layers of warmth and love, which epitomizes the beautiful continuity from maternity to these early days of new life.

Reflecting on the entire journey, from the anticipation-filled maternity shoot, through the powerful moments of birth, to these joyful baby portraits, I’ve gained a profound respect for the resilience and strength of women and birthing individuals. The journey of bringing life into this world involves immense physical and emotional challenges, a testament to their formidable strength. This experience has deepened my appreciation for all mothers, reshaping my understanding of strength and resilience. It’s clear that those who undertake this journey possess a remarkable power that deserves recognition and respect.

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